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The "holiday nanny" travels with the family and is in charge of the children during the family holidays and according to the wishes of the parents. This candidate knows how to be discreet while being a source of proposals to create activities at the vacation spot. Whether the family needs a few days or a few weeks, the nanny provides permanent support to the parents.

The person selected for this position often has more than 3 years of experience in childcare.

It can be paid by the hour (if part time) or by the day.

The salary expectations are very varied depending on the profile, the number of children in charge, the experience.

The salary bracket ranges from 13/20€ net/hour.

For a full-time nanny, it will be necessary to plan a daily payment between 180/250€ net (this also depends on the hours requested during the day/night and the profile of the nanny).

The family will take care of the nanny's accommodation, transport and food.
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