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Frères et sœurs douillets

We are delighted to offer our clients high-quality, personalized support with a well-established

recruitment process and rigorous follow-up. We take our role very seriously, studying each

client's and candidate's profile with the utmost attention. We are committed to proposing an

initial candidate within a short timeframe and carry out regular check-ins with the families

throughout the recruitment process.

Step 1 - We identify the needs of the family during a phone interview.

Step 2 - We send the family's file along with a personalized quote.


Step 3 - We initiate the selection of a nanny in accordance with the family's requirements.


Step 4 - We send the family a profile sheet of the selected candidate to the family (up to 4

profiles presented)


Step 5 - We arrange a meeting between the family and the candidate.


Step 6 -The family confirms their decision to hire the candidate


Step 7 - We send the necessary information so that the family can offer a work contract to the future nanny (personal information, documents, and feedback from professional references)


Step 8 - We remain available and provide ongoing support between the family and the nanny after the nanny has started their position.

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