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Full time nanny

A full-time nanny is a qualified and experienced professional with at least 5 years of experience employed by the family. She cares for the children during the day and is able to provide

complete care. She assists in their environmental exposure, psychomotor development, stimulation and care, helping them to identify and manage their emotions, and to act within the social space. The role of the nanny is to listen to the children and their needs, to be caring in order to ensure the child's well-being while teaching them a new language. The nanny can be live-in or live-out, depending on the family's preference and the candidate's personal situation.In a live-in arrangement, small-sized accommodation is provided.

The weekly work schedule ranges from 45 to 55 hours over 5 days. The monthly salary varies

according to the nanny's profile and whether she lives in or out. The nanny's compensation is

between 2500 and 3700€ net/month for live-out, and between 2300 and 3300€ net/month for

live-in. For an international nanny, the salaries are approximately 15-20% higher, commensurate

with the nanny's profile.

rota nanny

The rota nanny works in rotation with another rota nanny on alternating weeks. In general, this nanny works 1 week out of 2 and completely takes care of the children. The nanny works 24 hours a day, often 7 days a week. She is completely dedicated to the family, to the children, during this working time. She does her job day and night. She isa very precious person in the household and is very often considered a member of the family. She has nanny duties and also governess duties.

Families wishing rota nannies often have very busy lives and travel very often. The profiles expected for these positions are very experienced.

This nanny can claim a favorable salary.

The remuneration of the rota nanny is between 3000 and 4500€ net / month in live-in.

On this position, the candidate agrees to go on vacation with the family.

- Teach children a new language 
- Helping with the education of children / soft skills / good manners
- Organize children's day according to daily rituals
- Picking up the children after nursery and/or school; take them to extra-curricular activities
- Prepare meals, snacks
- Stimulate the children (psycho-motor development), their awakening and organize playdates, playful and varied activities according to their ages
- Help and assist children with their homework
- Prepare the bath, the child's clothing
- Clean the rooms, the kitchen after the meal
- Take care of the machines / laundry
- Ensure the safety of children and hygiene measures
- Put the children to bed and take care of their well-being
- Taking care of the children's schedule and doctor's appointments
- Provide parents with information relating to the children's day
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